Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations MLDRIN

Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations


MLDRIN performs a number of functions for Traditional Owners in the Murray Darling Rivers Valleys including:


Water Rights

MLDRIN’s core work involves advancing our First Nations members rights to protect, manage and own water resources on their traditional Country.


United Voice

MLDRIN speaks up as one collective voice to defend the right and interests of the First Nations members’ traditional country and its people.



MLDRIN facilitates and advocates for the participation of Nations with different levels of government to influence decisions on Natural Resource Management.


Membership on MLDRIN Confederation is for recognised traditional groups or First Nations. These were also sometimes called “tribes”, “tribal groups” or “language groups”. You can view a list of our member-Nations here.

Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations

Over 120,000 Indigenous people live in Australia’s Murray Darling Basin, many of whom are Traditional Owners that belong to over 40 autonomous First Nations.

These First Nations have a unique connection to the rivers and waterways of the Murray Darling Basin, including Australia’s biggest and longest rivers.

The Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN) is a confederation of Sovereign First Nations from the Southern part of the Murray Darling Basin. MLDRIN is focussed on caring for our rivers and achieving water rights for Aboriginal people. The group includes delegates from over 20 First Nations, from as far north as the Macquarie River, in Wiradjuri Country, to the Coorong and Lower Lakes on Ngarrindjeri Country in South Australia.

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