Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations

Nations & Delegates

Membership on MLDRIN Confederation is for Traditional Owner groups or Nations whose Country is within the Southern Murray-Darling Basin. These groups were also sometimes called “tribes”, “tribal groups” or “language groups”. Nations are formed and acknowledged through self-identification and collective Indigenous recognition.

The relationship between these Traditional Owner groups stretches back to the dawn of time and is bound not just by the rivers but also through trade, marriages, languages, stories, song, dance and information sharing. These connections continue to this day.

Our current board

  • Grant Rigney (Ngarrindjeri): Chair
  • Brendan Kennedy (Tati Tati): Deputy Chair
  • Kingsley Abdulla (Maraura): Treasurer
  • Alice Williams (Wolgalu): Secretary
  • Bradley Bell (Ngunnawal)
  • Neville Whyman (Barapa Barapa)
  • Jenny Munro (Wiradjuri)
  • Deb Dunolly (Dja Dja Wurrung)
  • Jamie Woods (Nari Nari)
  • Stewart Taylor (Wemba Wemba)


  • Barapa Barapa
  • Dhudhuroa
  • Dja Dja Wurrung
  • Latji Latji
  • Maraura
  • Mutti Mutti
  • Nari Nari
  • Ngarrindjeri
  • Ngaiwang
  • Ngintait
  • Ngunnawal
  • Nyeri Nyeri


  • Tati Tati
  • Wadi Wadi
  • Wamba Wamba
  • Waywurru
  • Weki Weki
  • Wergaia
  • Wiradjuri
  • Wolgalu
  • Wotjobaluk
  • Yaitmathang
  • Yita Yita