Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations

MLDRIN Confederation

What is MLDRIN?

The Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations or MLDRIN is a not-for-profit company that was established to secure water holdings for Traditional Owners and act as an advocacy body for Indigenous water rights in the Murray Darling Basin.

The members of the Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations are a confederation of First Nations from the Southern part of the Murray Darling Basin, in South-Eastern Australia.  The member Nations of MLDRIN recognize the value of a united voice to progress their unique rights, values and interests in water management. 

The MLDRIN Delegation

The Murray Lower Darling Indigenous Nations Full Delegation is the main representative and decision-making structure of the organisation.

Each Nation that is part of the Confederation may nominate two delegates (usually one male and one female) to be representatives. These individuals make up the MLDRIN Delegation. Delegates have the important responsibility of sharing information back to their broader Nation group and raising relevant matters for discussion at MLDRIN Gatherings.

MLDRIN Gatherings or meetings

MLDRIN meetings, known as Full Gatherings, are held between two and three times a year at locations across the Southern Basin. All Delegates are invited to attend the Gatherings. Guests and presenters from government agencies, NGOs and community groups also participate.

The Murray Lower Darling Indigenous Nations' voting and decision-making system

Each Nation has one, equal vote in all decisions made by the Full Delegation. All major decisions are made by resolution during Full Gatherings. Most decisions are determined by a majority vote of the Delegates, but in some cases a special resolution, entailing a two thirds majority vote is required.

Many of the day-to-day decisions are made by the MLDRIN Board of Directors. The Board is made up of Delegates who are voted in at the MLDRIN Annual General Meeting, every second year.

Corporate Documents & Agreements

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The Constitution of MLDRIN. In 2019 MLDRIN’s members voted to amend our Constitution to clarify processes relating to membership and to ensure the organisation can evolve into the future.

MLDRIN Strategic Plan (2020-2025). The current Strategic Plan covers five high-level goals, fifteen objectives and a range of strategies. Annual plans are produced to provide tangible targets for the broad organisational goals.

MLDRIN also has a suite of detailed Policies and Procedures which guide the day to day running of the organisation. These are made available to all Delegates and staff. Please contact us for more information on the Policies and Procedures.