Barapa Outfall Survey

Project Overview:

The Flooding for Life project aims to restore regular flooding to Gunbower Forest, ensuring the future health of this important wetland forest and the plants and animals that depend on water to flourish
Without the ability to deliver large volumes of environmental water, many of the rare plants and animals of Gunbower Forest will disappear.

The Flooding for Life project incorporates a combination of environmental watering, engineering works, monitoring, indigenous partnership programs and Community engagement. To date, the project has been largely funded through The Living Murray program.

Photo Details:

Barapa Outfall Survey
Barapa Outfall Survey

Field Survey to inform Cultural Heritage Management Plan at Gunbower Forest Outfall
(Left to Right) Bambi Lees Indigenous Facilitator North Central CMA, Jeff Hill, Project Archaeologist SKM with Barapa Barapa representatives, Aunty Esther Kirby, Uncle Aubrey and Aunty Di Smith and Anna Chatfield, Project Manager Gunbower Forest North Central CMA.


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