New partnership with EJA

MLDRIN is excited to announce a new partnership with Environmental Justice Australia (EJA) to progress Aboriginal access to water in Victoria.

EJA is a community legal service specializing in planning and environmental law. EJA staff have worked with MLDRIN over recent years to support improved outcomes in water resource planning. Now, thanks to funding provided by Victorian Legal Aid, EJA and MLDRIN will develop a program of strategic advocacy to advance Victorian Traditional Owners rights to manage and own water.

EJA Lawyer Bruce Lindsay will be working closely with MLDRIN staff and member nations to identify innovative models of engagement and pathways to access water.

MLDRIN is excited about the opportunity to work with EJA at this critical time in the development of Victoria’s water policy and planning framework. With water resource planning underway and a new Water Plan soon to be released, the EJA partnership positions MLDRIN to be able to provide strategic advice to Government and drive important new reforms.

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